My Son Johnny


Widow Marianne Cortino is the proud mother of two perfect sons: the sensitive and hardworking Anthony, and his older brother Johnny, a charming and fast-talking success in Los Angeles.

But the family lie is far from perfect. Marianne refuses to recognize that Anthony’s childhood has been destroyed by a vicious campaign of physical and mental brutality at the hands of her elder son, and Anthony is devastated to learn that Johnny, by now a walking time bomb, is coming home. The war of intimidation quickly resumes, and Anthony finally reaches breaking point when, after a particularly nasty beating, he pulls a gun on his brother.

With her son facing a life sentence for murder, Marianne has one chance of saving him: she must confront the terrible truth about Johnny and, before the eyes of the world, admit there has been a lifetime of sibling violence.

This movie was inspired by a true story.

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