A Letter to Three Wives


Joseph Mankiewicz’s 1949 Oscar winner is updated to 1985 in a sizzling story that dissects three marriages and finds that each one is questionable.

As three wives board a boat for a daylong charity cruise, they are handed a letter from a mutual friend, Addie Ross, saying that she is running off with one of heir husbands. The wives, each thinking that the errant husband may be hers, look back over the years trying to decide where their respective marriages went astray.

Debra remembers that she made a fool of herself at the first dance she attended with her husband Brad at the country club. Rita recalls the many times she neglected her husband George for her career. And Lora Mae can never forget that she’s from the wrong side of the tracks and certainly failed her husband Porter in that respect.

A Letter To Three Wives takes a sharp look at the most threatened of all institutions: marriage.

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