Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer


Based upon the hit song of the same name, the all new GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER is a wacky, outrageous, and heartwarming holiday adventure for the whole family. When his beloved Grandma is missing on Christmas Eve, young Jake Spakenheimer goes on the misadventure of a lifetime to find his grandma, save the family store from the machinations of his curvaceous, conniving Cousin Mel (Michele Lee) and uncover the ultimate mystery of the worldâs most famous case of hit and run.

The show was produced by Fred Rappoport, the former CBS television executive responsible for Special Programming, a successful television producer and Phil Roman, one of the animation industries “giants.” Phil is also a fabulous director, who has won 6 Emmys, directed 17 Charlie Brown specials and movies, the Garfield specials and movies, and produced and directed such popular quality series as “The Simpsons” and “Bobby’s World”. It is a coup that Phil personally directed the special.

The show is narrated by Elmo Shropshire, who as “Dr. Elmo” popularized the “Grandma” song, and features the voices of Michele Lee, and Sue Blu, who played “Grandma Smurf” on “The Smurfs.” There are five major songs in the special, including one sung by Michele Lee, called “Grandpa’s Gonna Sue the Pants Off Santa.”

Running Time: 51 minutes

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