Bravo Giovanni (Original Broadway Cast Album)

Bravo Giovanni Original Broadway Cast Album


Track Listing

Overture — Orchestra and Chorus
Rome — Cesare Siepi
Uriti — George S. Irving, Chorus
Breachy’s Law — Cesare Siepi, David Opatoshu
I’m All I’ve Got — Michele Lee
The Argument — Cesare Siepi, George S. Irving
Signora Pandolfi — David Opatoshu, Maria Karnilova, Buzz Miller, Gene Varrone, Nino Banome, Rico Froehlich
The Kangaroo — Maria Karnilova, Chorus
If I Were the Man — Cesare Siepi
Steady, Steady — Michele Lee
We Won’t Discuss It — Cesare Siepi, David Opatoshu
Ah! Camminare — Gene Varrone
Virtue Arrivederci — George S. Irving
Bravo, Giovanni — Cesare Siepi, Chorus
One Little World Apart — Michele Lee
Miranda — Cesare Siepi
Finale — Chorus
Steady, Steady — Michele Lee (BONUS)

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